We show you who is winning in social. In your market. In real time.

  • Are you winning? Define your market and see how you compete
  • Tracking of multi-tiered brands and sub-brands provides foundation for Social Ratings™ and allows you to measure Total Social Equity™ for internal and competitive brands
  • Our proprietary ShareScore™ provides a quantitative measurement of social performance relative to a competitive set
  • Social Overnights – Market rankings for brands and sub-brands based on Social Share™ or Social Equity Index™
  • Prescriptive reports show how to improve social performance
  • Easily compare performance against best-in-market peers
  • Reveals tactics and best practices employed by best-in-market performers (post frequency, post type, time of day, and others)

Take a giant leap in improving your social media.

Introducing ShareScore™ … Two numbers, one powerful perspective

Our ShareScore™ is an easy-to-read metric derived by collecting all of the social activity for your brand and running it through our proprietary algorithm designed to provide the most empirical and democratic way to measure social performance.

Social Share™
This measures your brand’s share of the total audience, voice and engagement in your defined market. This metric tells you how you’re doing over the course of the day, the week, the quarter.

Social Equity Index™
How well are your social profiles performing? This measures the social equity you have built over time and performance — relative to your peers. This tells you if you’re winning the war.

Finally a real-time social tool built for broadcasters, by broadcasters

When it comes to measuring social media, broadcasters have unique requirements. Share Rocket was developed to give broadcasters a a way to measure much the same way they do on-air … with ratings based metrics.

share rocket social media ratings
  • Competitive insights and ratings updated every 15 minutes
  • See share and SEI scores for every social profile in your market
  • Easily study data trends and changes over time (24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days)
  • Our on-demand data analysis tools make it easy to compile competitive reports
share rocket social media ratings
  • Discover what content is trending and driving the most engagement in your market
  • See a livestream of all social activity by your station and your competitors
  • See who is winning the daily ratings battle
  • Use our overnight market reports to easily share wins throughout your organization

See how your talent stacks up; find insights to improve performance

Look through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror. Our dashboard delivers a real-time picture of your market. Metrics for your brands and competitors are updated each quarter-hour, so you can react to content that is driving engagement and win the day.

share rocket social media ratings
  • See how each profile’s social activity and habits compare against the market’s best
  • Use the insights to guide coaching and training
  • Easily track automated or customized goals
share rocket social media ratings
  • Monitor each individual’s posting efforts and tactics including:
    – Posts by day of week
    – Posts by time of day
    – Post type frequency
    – Engagement by post type

Take a giant leap in improving your social media.

You won’t believe what you’ll discover.

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