Adopt a market-based view of the world

Everything looks different from up here. We elevate and widen your view. Share Rocket is the first social media ratings solution, measuring Social Equity™ – an individual or brand’s social media performance within the context of your peers, competitors & market.


Market share + Performance = Insights

Our ShareScore™ presents an easy-to-read metric of the two key factors for any successful social media brand – market share and performance.

Market Share
Are you a market leader? This number measures your brand’s share of the total audience, voice and engagement in your defined market.

Social Equity Index™
How well are your social leaders performing?  This number measures your social efficacy – the value of your social equity — relative to your peers.



Social is a real-time game

Look through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror. Our dashboard delivers a real-time picture of your market. Metrics for your brands and competitors are updated each quarter-hour, so you can react to content that is driving engagement and win the day.

Take a giant leap in improving your social media.

You won’t believe what you’ll discover.

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