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Metrics that Matter

Share Rocket MEASURE provides your organization powerful metrics that move your business forward. Our proprietary SHARE and SEI® scores distill thousands of social data points into two simple, yet powerful metrics. Share Rocket customers perform 30%-40% better managing their social teams with SHARE and SEI® compared to those using standard social analytics platforms.

Perfomance made easy

Share Rocket MEASURE is more than a dashboard. It’s an easy-to-use suite of powerful tools that deliver actionable insights. Use the MEASURE platform to drive tactical and strategic decisions in real time, and take the guesswork out of improving social performance.

Real-Time insights

Today, social is a real-time game. We provide real time content scoring that shows you the top and trending content your audience is most engaged with. Share Rocket’s SHARE and SEI® scores update every 15 minutes, giving you an in the moment look at your performance against your peers. Our mobile app will empower your journalists with their latest performance data, trending content suggestions, and alerts. Think of it as a social media consultant in your pocket.

Monetize your social

We are ushering in a new era when it comes to capitalizing on your fast-growing social audience. With Share Rocket MONETIZE, you can create a significant and scalable revenue opportunity by monetizing your content on social media. Our new engagement-based currency and social sales management platform will empower your organization to finally realize meaningful, direct revenue from your social footprint.

Share Rocket MEASURE



SHARE and SEI® provide a quantitative and qualitative performance metric that has been proven to change culture and improve performance.



Use the industry’s best metrics to manage your social.  Look at your entire social footprint’s performance at a glance. Dive deep into our dashboards and reports for actionable insights.



Engagement is the currency of social.  It amplifies reach and drives audience growth.  Share Rocket customers see dramatic growth over their competitors using standard analytics tools.  Grow your Engagement and grow your revenue opportunities.

Share Rocket MONETIZE



Share Rocket MONETIZE creates a new premium inventory for your organization. Value your social audiences and your content and unlock a new and significant source of revenue.



The MONETIZE platform provides a full suite of inventory management, pricing, sales and reporting tools.  Our new engagement based currency delivers the most value for your content.


Build out a full social monetization strategy  for your entire organization using our platform.  Unlock the full potential of your social footprint.

Take a giant leap in improving your social media.
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