Five types of Facebook Live posts that aren’t animals or “Reactions” polls

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Giraffes and “Reactions” polls have taken over Facebook Live. With a medium that appeared to have limitless possibilities when it took over the social media world about a year ago, it’s hard not to be a little disappointed when scrolling around on Facebook’s awesome live video map to only see

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Meteorology Interviews by Share Rocket

Speaking with the Standouts: Top Meteorologist in a Social Media World

1 week ago 0 0 365

Social media has changed the way broadcasters do business, particularly when it comes to weather. Meteorologists are now asked to do more than ever to keep viewers safe and up to date. Reaching people on their mobile devices and on social media is critical to the effort, and those that

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Share Rocket

Best Practices for Improvement on Share Rocket

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If you’ve seen Share Rocket’s rankings of local TV news talent while scrolling through your Facebook News Feed or Twitter timeline, you might be wondering: “How do you come up with these rankings?” It’s usually the first question we hear from talent across the country, followed quickly by, “Why am

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When should a broadcaster launch a sub-brand social media page?

3 weeks ago 0 0 283

Share Rocket tracks and ranks thousands of social media profiles every day for news broadcasters, and the large majority fall into two categories: main station pages and pages for the individual talents who work for that station. But there is a third type that not enough stations take advantage of

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social standouts

Speaking with the Standouts: Top Social Performers Share Their Point of View

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At Share Rocket, we’re often asked how users can improve their scores and what our best practices are on social media. While we do have some suggestions, the truth is, there is no single, universal approach. Finding your voice on social takes time and trial and error and each person’s

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