Share Rocket Stations Dominate Their Markets in 2015

  We often get asked about what makes Share Rocket different from the other analytics platforms in the market that measure social performance. We always reply with the same answer. Share Rocket actually influences and changes behavior. That behavior change … Read More

social tv ratings

The perfect social media KPI: “whole is greater than the parts”

We’re often asked to describe how we determine our Social Share and Social Equity Index scores that drive our Social TV Ratings platform. The answer is surprisingly simple. It’s best described by a genius with superior wordsmithing skills: “The whole is greater than the … Read More

social tv ratings

Are you in the pole position or pit row in the social media race? Share Rocket brings you clarity.

Are you winning in social? It’s a simple question, but one few brands can answer convincingly. Your social media managers might try. They will provide spreadsheets of metrics like fan count, likes, shares, PTAT, replies, mentions, etc. That data can tell … Read More