Speaking with the Standouts: Top Social Performers Share Their Point of View
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Speaking with the Standouts: Top Social Performers Share Their Point of View

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At Share Rocket, we’re often asked how users can improve their scores and what our best practices are on social media. While we do have some suggestions, the truth is, there is no single, universal approach. Finding your voice on social takes time and trial and error and each person’s

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Graphic by Megan Sullivan

Which city’s local TV news won Super Bowl Sunday on social?

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While the New England Patriots would not be stopped in their comeback on Sunday over the Falcons, Atlanta local news stations won the day over Boston – at least in engagement per post. With Boston as DMA No. 9 and Atlanta as DMA No. 10, the Super Bowl made for

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New study confirms correlation between Share Rocket Social TV and Rentrak local TV ratings

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A new study from Smith Geiger, one of the nation’s premier broadcast television research firms, suggests a very strong relationship between social engagement and local broadcast ratings, and that Share Rocket’s social media ratings platform accurately and contextually measures that impact. The study, in partnership with Rentrak, an industry leader

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Obama’s executive order on immigration generates low engagement across US

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President Barack Obama announced a sweeping executive order on Nov. 20 in an effort to reform immigration laws, and Republican lawmakers quickly condemned the President for overreaching and vowed to fight the action. Post by Fox Chicago News. Post by ABC15 Arizona. President Obama tonight announced the most sweeping executive action on

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What's the ROI for social media editors

Share Rocket described as “Chartbeat on steroids” in NetNewsCheck article

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Share Rocket’s social ratings tool was featured as a way to quantify the return on investment for social media editors for broadcasters in a recent article by NetNewsCheck. “Assigning a job description to the “social media editor” positions is difficult, explains reporter Patrick Duprey. In a larger market, the gig

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