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A dense fog bank rolled through Dallas early on Dec. 9, forcing Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to canceled as many 50 flights and traffic was snarled for hours.

Basically, the city was at a standstill.

The Dallas social scene became a sprint to see who could land the best photo.

It’s no secret that photos generate more engagement on social, but the right photo can help you win the day.

Two images stood out among coverage in the Dallas media market. Fox’s KDFW earned the top content spot in the market with this Facebook post, right, which topped more than 13,000 engagements. They also won the daily Share Rocket Social TV Ratings™ in Dallas with a 36.30 Social Share™. The image, by professional photographer Justin Terveen. In the post, KDFW asked, “what was your morning like in the fog?” That prompted hundreds of users to upload their own foggy photos.

The Dallas Morning News’ business account earned more than 2,000 retweets and almost 2,000 favorites after tweeting a photo, below, which showed Dallas as a “city in the clouds,” something you might see in a Science Fiction film. An airline passenger snapped the picture, which was quickly retweeted by many media profiles as well.

Generally speaking, Twitter is a low-engagement platform. But this level of engagement shows how powerful a strong image can be.

WFAA‘s time lapse video of downtown Dallas, published on Facebook, was the second most popular piece of content, with more than 8,000 engagements and more than 164,000 video views.

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