A new report on “What Local Ad Agencies Are Thinking” from Borrell suggests that Facebook video – and Share Rocket — is in the sweet spot. The report finds that social media advertising and streaming video advertising are where most agencies are advising their clients to spend their budgets.

The 2018 survey of more than 700 agency executives covers video, social media, the various types of media used, as well as the effectiveness and ROI of that media. Executives were asked which of the following they would be recommending to clients in the next 12 months. The results:

In its analysis, Borrell notes that “agencies are the local experts, possessing more career time in marketing than Do-It-Yourself SMBs. The top-of-the-list ‘buy more’ categories – all digital – indicate that these produce the best marketing results. They also point to things that are likely to see strong growth this year.”

Borrell also noted the significance of streaming video as the second-most-popular “buy more” recommendation. “Other survey results indicate that video has begun eating away at the agencies’ longtime favorite recommendation – broadcast TV spots,” says Borrell.

These results are consistent with what Share Rocket is seeing in the marketplace. Share Rocket has created a powerful AI solution that allows media companies and brands to harness and sell their video assets on social media.

Additionally, Facebook reports that in the past year, the number of advertisers using video in direct response campaigns across its platforms increased 3.8x, and that more than 75% of worldwide video viewing occurs on mobile devices, where the service has achieved dominance.

Share Rocket’s new MONETIZE platform allows publishers to leverage this trend. MONETIZE gives publishers the ability to sell the organic reach of their Facebook pages to sponsors and advertisers.

Find out how to leverage the MONETIZE platform for your media brand and view a demo on the Share Rocket site.

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