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Best Practices for Improvement on Share Rocket

If you’ve seen Share Rocket’s rankings of local TV news talent while scrolling through your Facebook News Feed or Twitter timeline, you might be wondering: “How do you come up with these rankings?” It’s usually the first question we hear … Read More


When should a broadcaster launch a sub-brand social media page?

Share Rocket tracks and ranks thousands of social media profiles every day for news broadcasters, and the large majority fall into two categories: main station pages and pages for the individual talents who work for that station. But there is … Read More

Share Rocket Stations Dominate Their Markets in 2015

  We often get asked about what makes Share Rocket different from the other analytics platforms in the market that measure social performance. We always reply with the same answer. Share Rocket actually influences and changes behavior. That behavior change … Read More

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New study confirms correlation between Share Rocket Social TV and Rentrak local TV ratings

A new study from Smith Geiger, one of the nation’s premier broadcast television research firms, suggests a very strong relationship between social engagement and local broadcast ratings, and that Share Rocket’s social media ratings platform accurately and contextually measures that … Read More

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After long climb, Gannett’s WFAA unseats Fox’s KDFW as reigning Dallas Social TV Ratings champ

Queue the Rocky music. Da-dat-da … da-dat-da .. da-dat-da … Dallas/Fort Worth has a new Social TV Ratings champ. After nearly a year as a challenger, Gannett’s WFAA seems to have finally unseated Fox’s KDFW atop the Social TV Ratings™. … Read More