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If you’ve seen Share Rocket’s rankings of local TV news talent while scrolling through your Facebook News Feed or Twitter timeline, you might be wondering: “How do you come up with these rankings?” It’s usually the first question we hear from talent across the country, followed quickly by, “Why am I not at the top of the list?”

Well, we’re glad you asked! At Share Rocket, we’re all for giving users more data about their social media performance to help them get better and make smarter decisions about how, when, and where they spend their time and effort trying to build their brand online. We believe engagement is the core of determining that performance, and we take data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to calculate that engagement and figure out who the leaders are within a market.

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Share Rocket uses proprietary algorithms to determine two ratings-based metrics that we use to rank the social media influence of broadcasters’ brand pages, as well as all their sub-brand pages and professional pages of their employees: ShareScore and Social Equity Index. They are determined by the size of the pages’ audience, the number of times they post on social media, and (most importantly) the engagement from the public on their pages.

  • ShareScore: This figure tells you a page or person’s share of the total local TV market on social media over a period of time, whether it is a day, a week, a month, or a quarter.
  • Social Equity Index: This figure is a grade from 0-100 of a page’s or person’s overall performance on social media over a rolling 90-day period.

So how do you improve those metrics and move your way to the top of your market? The infographic below provides a basic rundown of some basic practices we recommend to increase the size of your audience on social media and to get that audience to engage more with the content you post. However, if you can provide some information below, we have a much more in-depth whitepaper that explains each of the nine best practices in detail and should help you get more from your (or your employer’s) social media presence.

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Best Practices Infographic

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