FvTFortune.com’s recent article about Facebook overtaking Google as the number one traffic source for news publishers has inspired us to share some of our insights to highlight just how important Facebook is to local broadcasters.

Facebook is obviously a key player in any social strategy, but just how important and how to best utilize it are not features that are readily available through Facebook alone. With a tool like Share Rocket and your own web analytics, you can gain a unique perspective and create insights that will inform your digital strategy and social best practices.

According to Share Rocket market data analyzed over the last 12 months, Facebook drives over 90% of total social engagement in local media. Yet, our data also shows that Twitter accounts for more than 70% of social content posted by local broadcasters.  Incredibly, we still see examples of on-air news talent using Twitter exclusively for their social distribution. Share Rocket clients, however see that a healthy balance between platforms with a focus on engaging posts on Facebook drive remarkable increases in engagement and web and mobile traffic.

Stations are realizing that Facebook is the best platform to distribute their content and grow their audience, as well as drive incremental ad revenue via Facebook referral traffic to their websites.

We are excited that Share Rocket is at the forefront of this digital transformation and that we are helping our customers by providing insights on viewer behavior such as what engages them, and what motivates them to tune in or link into the broadcaster’s other platforms in real time.

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