Talk about finishing the week with a bang …

A fireworks truck caught fire after massive 90-car pileup in Michigan last week. Fox’s WJBK landed an incredible video of the fireworks exploding, helping them earn the top spot last week in the Share Rocket Social TV Ratings™ in Detroit, with a dominant 44 Social Share™ from Jan. 5 – Jan. 11.  WJBK has led the Detroit market since we started scoring the DMA.

One of their most successful posts, the video of aftermath earned a Top 5 engagement spot on Jan. 9, 10, and 11.  The post, above, generated more than 3,600 likes, more than 1,300 comments, more than 20,000 shares, and almost 1 million video views on Facebook.

Graham Media Group’s NBC affiliate WDIV was second with a 28 Social Share, Scripps’ ABC affiliate WXYZ was third with a 26 Social Share, and CBS’ WWJ-TV finished very distant fourth with a 1.9 Social Share.

WJBK and has built the strongest long-term social equity in the market, accumulating an 88 SEI™.  WDIV (56 SEI) and WXYZ (53 SEI) are second and third, and WWJ-TV has a 4.2 SEI, among the lowest we’ve seen in the nation.

WJBK has acquired the market’s largest social audience (943,000-plus) but is also dominating engagement. FOX2 published the most engaging facebook post on five of seven days last week; on Jan. 6, WJBK posted all of the top five of the most engaging posts. They’re also very efficient, posting the market’s best engagement / audience (.26) and engagement / post (136.1) ratios.

WDIV’s meteorologist  Andrew Humphrey was Detroit’s top performing individual, earning a 2.5 Social Share™ and is the best in the market with an 83 SEI™.  WJBK’s Roop Raj (1.38 Social Share™, 75 SEI™) was second. WDIV’s sports analyst Rob Parker (1.32 Social Share™, 68 SEI™) finished third.  WXYZ anchor Stephen Clark (1.29 Social Share™, 71 SEI™) was fourth, and WJBK sports director Dan Miller (1.16 Social Share™, 72 SEI™) rounded out the market’s top 5.

Here’s a look at Humphrey’s Share Rocket report card:

social tv ratings share rocket


Social TV Ratings for the week of Jan. 5, 2014 – Jan. 12, 2015

12 FOX44.1888943,6311,833249,480-0.73%
24 NBC27.7956533,3722,241114,73343.59%
37 ABC26.1153585,3981,589125,644-1.41%
462 CBS1.924.124,8743311,19548.82%

Top individuals

1Andrew Humphrey4 NBC2.528310,716475713-26.42%
2Roop Raj2 FOX1.387515,0011942,77115.17%
3Rob Parker4 NBC1.326824,6901971,793129.00%
4Stephen Clark7 ABC1.297123,5751961,59915.70%
5Dan Miller2 FOX1.167219,9741432,85262.60%

Social Equity Index™ (SEI™): Measures social equity you have built over time and performance — relative peers. Social Share™: Measures a brand’s raw share of the total audience, voice and engagement in a defined market. Audience: Combined fans and followers (Facebook, Twitter) for all profiles. Voice: Outbound posting and commenting activity. Engagements: Total likes, shares, comments, mentions, replies, retweets and favorites for the brand.

Top content, best practices

A 4-year-old gets a new heart for her birthday.  The biggests post of the week comes from WJBK, whose post about Grace Cantrell generated more than 14,800 likes, more than 290 comments and more than 600 shares.  Cantrell, a todler from Loganville, Ga., had waited about nine months for a new heart.  The post is simple, direct and irrisistable.

This post hits almost all of our checklist:

Tells an urgent, compelling, inspirational or funny story?
Appeal to emotion?
Use a photo/video?
Ask for engagement?

Each week Share Rocket highlights the top performing stations and individuals across the nation’s top TV markets, sharing insights and best practices that are helping the nation’s best social journalists connect with their audience.

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