It’s no surprise to you that your organic reach on Facebook is dying. The challenge is keeping your social performance from dying with it. So, what should you do when you see inferior competition still flying high on Facebook?

Take a cue from baseball.

Jealousy led Barry Bonds, considered by many the greatest player of his generation, to a dire decision.

It was time to juice.

Social marketers are now faced with a similar decision. Luckily, juicing in social doesn’t come with the same stigma — just success.

What’s happening to organic reach on Facebook isn’t coincidence — it’s strategy. Facebook has hooked social marketers, and now they’re going to monetize us. Facebook has been throttling down organic reach over the last 9-plus months and as organic reach has been trending down, Facebook’s stock price has been rising almost in direct proportion (see chart).
falling organic reach
Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Well, you really have two choices:

1) Abandon Facebook for Google+ and Twitter
2) Boost your posts

Today’s new reality is that you have to promote posts in order to get your content in front of your audience. Smart brand strategists and social managers have already responded. Instead of evaluating the impact this decreased reach may have on their brands, or worse, stubbornly refusing to accept the new reality, the leaders have done what leaders do. Adapt or die. We are seeing top performers use paid and promoted posts to their advantage to lead their markets in share and overall SEI performance. Some of those huge engagement numbers you see on a competitors post have not come through luck or good timing. There is a good chance a savvy community manager has applied a few bucks to that post to ensure max engagement. We know of a not-to-be-named station group that is spending more than $1 million this year on Facebook to promote pages and boost posts.

But you don’t need that kind of budget to really make a big difference. As little as $20 on a post can boost your reach by as much as 300%. Here is a tip to help you plan and spend wisely:

Mileage may vary

Deciding which content to promote is a crapshoot. It’s difficult to predict with certainty what will resonate with your audience. Instead of guessing, why not wait? Wait to see what posts in your market are generating the most engagement with your audience. Then, boost that post with a small budget. If you get dramatically more engagement, boost it again, this time with a bit more budget. Repeat until you stop seeing results. It’s like priming a pump, get the momentum moving in your direction, and you’ll be amazed at the performance.

There’s no shame in boosting, and they’re no asterisks when it comes to winning in social.

More paid strategies to come in future posts.

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