With baseball season here again, the crack of bats connecting with pitches is in the air across the country. While the best players keep their batting average up with singles and doubles, when a pitch gets hung out over the middle of the plate, they aim to hit it out of the park.

On social media, it’s often the same. The best performers keep their average up with lots of solid social hits, but sometimes when they get the right piece of content, they turn it into a home run and change the momentum of the game.

One such recent example was in Phoenix, where Meteorologist Paul Horton of the Meredith-owned CBS affiliate KPHO posted a video to his Facebook page that made a major impact on the social rankings over the last 30 days for the entire market. Horton’s viral hit was this video, posted April 7, of someone walking through a glass-bottom pool at Market Square Tower in Houston that hangs off the edge of the building, 500 feet off the ground. That video has nearly 1.5 million Engagements to date, including more than 1 million shares.

That huge amount of Engagement gave Horton a 12.3 Share of the Phoenix local TV social media market from March 19 to April 19. For comparison, no other individual in the market had a Share above 0.45 over that time. His Facebook Page had the fifth-most Engagement of any single Page in the market, including main station pages. It also gave him a massive influx of new followers. Over the last 30 days, Horton’s total Audience on social has increased +152% to 111,837 followers.

Of course, having Horton on staff gave KPHO a big lift in the overall station scores, as well.

On March 19, as a group, KPHO had a 6.0 Share which was fifth of six stations Share Rocket tracks in the Phoenix market and trailed the dominant market leader among groups, Fox owned-and-operated KSAZ, by 36.4 Share points. Today, KPHO is fourth in the market with a 16.2 Share and that dramatic increase puts them 13.6 Share points behind KSAZ and only about 3.6 Share points behind current market No. 2, Scripps-owned ABC affiliate KNXV. It’s also worth noting that KPHO is half of a Meredith-owned duopoly in Phoenix along with KTVK (3 Independent in the charts above) and the two often share content back and forth on social media, so the two Meredith stations saw their combined market Share grow by +21.29 points in the 30-day period.


While KPHO, like any good batter, will need consistency and more solid hits from day to day to maintain that improved Share score, Horton’s Facebook video shows the tremendous difference one big, viral home run can have on a market. In terms of lasting effects, the gaggle of new followers Horton added will give him a larger Audience to drive more Engagement on future posts – from daily forecasts to severe weather coverage to more fun viral videos like this one.

Keep swinging for that home run when opportunities present themselves and, in time, you’ll rack up enough solid hits through the process to elevate and improve your social brand.

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