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Only in Nashville.

Media General’s WKRN, the ABC affiliate in Nashville, has dominated the social ratings since we started tracking the market several months ago. This week, they earned the top spot partially thanks to Taylor Swift.

WKRN’s post covering the country superstar photo bombing a family during a photo shoot at a Nashville Park generated more than 25,000 engagements, and claimed the market’s top content spot on Nov. 12 and 13 and made another appearance in the top 5 on Nov. 14.

“I said, ‘Did you see who that was?’ She was just like nodding her head. She couldn’t say anything,” photographer Sarah Bailey told News 2. Swift said ‘Hi’ and told the girl how pretty she looked, then went a step further and asked for a picture with her. … “She said, ‘Do you want to get your picture with me?’ The little girl was like, ‘Yes!’ and just nodded her head. She couldn’t even talk.”

It’s just the latest example of WKRN finding social gold and cashing in. They are far and away the top station in the market in social; over the past 90 days, they’ve earned a firm spot atop the Social Ratings with a 36.98 Social Share™ and a market-best 82 SEI™. They have only the third largest audience in the market (367,000-plus) but generated more than 2.4 million engagements over the past 90 days. The other three station in the market combined for 2.8 million engagements over the same period. WKRN’s engagement per post average of 133 is best in the market and more than double the market’s second best average of 60 by FOX affiliate WZTV. WZTV has the smallest audience (298,000-plus) in the market but ranked second in engagement with more than 93,000, and pulled a 27.4 Social Share™ last week and 60 SEI™.

The nod for top talent in the market goes to CBS affiliate News Channel 5 meteorologist Lelan Statom, who earned a 2.1 Social Share™ last week and was best in the market with a 97 SEI™. Statom generated more than 36,000 engagements last week, seeing a 161 percent increase over the previous week. Here’s a look at his Share Rocket report card:

Lelan Statom News Channel 5 Nashville

WKRN meteorologist Justin Bruce (1.7 Social Share™, 86 SEI™) finished in second and colleague Dawn Davenport (1.39 Social Share™, 88 SEI™) finished third. Former News Channel 5 talent Deja Knight (1.33 Social Share™, 79 SEI™) finished fourth and WSMV meteorologist Paul Heggen (1.32 Social Share™, 90 SEI™) rounded out the top five.

Social Ratings for the week of Nov. 3 – Nov. 9, 2014

12 ABC30.3981366,6171,517118,175-84.86%
217 FOX26.6560298,0361,81291,2440.3074
34 NBC22.9551566,2131,18579,0460.1766
45 CBS20.0150551,2211,68549,363-5.91%

Top individuals

1Lelan Statom5 CBS2.19736,8982314,824161.00%
2Justin Bruce2 ABC1.78618,3592772,05147.03%
3Dawn Davenport2 ABC1.398817,8461463,579184.00%
4Deja Knight5 CBS1.33794,8302511,02338.43%
5Paul Heggen4 NBC1.329012,8011543,15357.02%

Social Equity Index™ (SEI™): Measures social equity you have built over time and performance — relative peers. Social Share™: Measures a brand’s raw share of the total audience, voice and engagement in a defined market. Audience: Combined fans and followers (Facebook, Twitter) for all profiles. Voice: Outbound posting and commenting activity. Engagements: Total likes, shares, comments, mentions, replies, retweets and favorites for the brand.

Top content, best practices

It’s never too early for Christmas. On Nov. 14, this post from WSMTV generated more than 9,000 likes, 1,500 shares and more than 300 comments, earning the top content spot in the market that day. The story is sweet. A three-year-old girl noticed Santa eating breakfast alone and asked her mother if she could go keep him company. When Santa asked what kind of present she wanted for Christmas, young Gracie responded that she didn’t need any presents, that she only wanted to meet her younger brother James, who will be born in a few weeks. Nice list? We think so!

This post hits almost all of our checklist:

Tells an urgent, compelling, inspirational or funny story?
Appeal to emotion?
Use a photo?
Ask for engagement?

Each week Share Rocket highlights the top performing stations and individuals across the nation’s top TV markets, sharing insights and best practices that are helping the nation’s best social journalists connect with their audience. Next week: San Francisco.

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