For local TV news personalities, a connection with the audience begins on TV, but it certainly doesn’t end there. With outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, anchors and reporters can keep connected with their audience and add value to the local news experience 24 hours a day.

At Share Rocket, we capture and rank the social TV score, using all interactions on social media to judge success. And while we typically look at inter-market success, we can look across the country to rank intra-market dominance as well. Below are the first ever Individual Power Rankings, for August.

Our SHARE score determines the share of the social engagement each individual has in their specific market, but it also pits the individuals against shows and stations. Stations in each market typically have a more dominant SHARE, so the individual numbers are lower. But in a few cases, the individual SHARE score over-indexes significantly, and below are the top 20.

Some notes:

– The top two individuals on August’s list are Jay Towers from FOX 2 in Detroit and James Spann from 33/40 News in Birmingham. Their individual share scores are higher than any station share score in their market – the only two individuals to accomplish this rare feat.

– The most dominant station in America for August – our last Power Rankings – was WNEP in Scranton. One way it was helped? Having dominant share scores among individuals at the station as well. Three individuals – Jon Meyer, Joe Snedeker and Ryan Leckey – all appeared on the top 20 Power Rankings in August. It is the only station to have more than one individual on the top 20 list.

– The only market with two individuals from different stations to both make the top 20 list in August is Richmond, where Curt Autry from NBC12 finished 5th, and Nikki-Dee Ray from WTVR finished tied for 20th.

– Of the top 20 individuals, there is significant parity among their station’s affiliation. ABC had 7, CBS had 5, FOX had 4, and NBC had 4.

– The top market represented on the individual power rankings is San Francisco (#6). Also high on the list are Detroit (#13) and Sacramento (#20).

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 3.22.43 PM

* August Power Rankings are determined based on scores through August 30.

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