Since Share Rocket released its social ratings product in 2014, we have provided the industry’s best solution for our customers to manage and grow their social media footprint. Recently, our power users have asked us for a better way to keep their digital/social teams and social account managers up to date on their performance while they’re on the go.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Share Rocket Mobile App.

It’s an extension of the Share Rocket MEASURE web-based platform that has been specially designed and optimized for mobile users. The app also serves as a social media coach in an account manager’s pocket. With it, Share Rocket customers can keep tabs on their own social performance, the performance of their peers, and what content is top and trending on social media in their market.

Let’s take a closer look at some of its features:

Check out who’s the best in the market based on Share Rocket’s proprietary SHARE and SEI scores

SHARE and SEI are simple to understand, yet powerful social metrics that give social media account managers an at-a-glance view of how effective they are on social media and where they rank among peers. You can see what percentage of your Audience (the number of followers you have), Voice (the number of times you post), and Engagement (how often your posts are interacted with) came from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. With the Share Rocket Mobile App, you can check your scores anytime, anywhere in near real time.

Define your social goals and keep track of your ability to achieve them

The Share Rocket Mobile App’s goal-setting feature allows users to create realistic, achievable goals for their social performance. You can set goals for Audience, Voice, or Engagement to improve in the areas where you want to be more competitive with the competition. Then, we help you track your progress towards those goals, 30 days at a time.

Keep tabs on the Top and Trending social posts in your market to stay ahead of the game

Share Rocket ranks the Top 100 posts (by engagement) in the last 24 hours in each of the hundreds of markets we track to provide users with a sense of what the most popular content has been over the course of the last day. If you’re looking to catch the wave of a topic before it crests, you can check out the Trending rankings to see what content has had the highest number of engagements per minute in the last two hours.

Look at how you are performing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in an apples-to-apples comparison with your peers

Using Share Rocket’s metrics, you can see where you stand compared to the other station social accounts, sub-brands accounts, and individuals in your market. With a simple tap, you can also see how they have performed in terms of Audience, Voice, and Engagement along with their top posts. Whether you’re near the top of the rankings in your market or closer to the bottom, you can learn from the best and improve.

Gauge if your recent social performance has been improving or declining

Is your approach to improving on social media the correct one? Share Rocket keeps tabs on your performance over time to show you where you’ve grown recently and where you still have room to improve. Before you know it, between goal setting and performance tracking, you can find yourself at the top of your market.

Find out if you have any of the Top and Trending posts where you are

The Share Rocket Mobile App shows you which of your best posts made the cut in our Top and Trending rankings so you can tell what has worked for you and brag about your social dominance. More top posts lead to more growth, which leads to more valuable revenue-generating opportunities for your social footprint.

Use Share Rocket’s social metrics to gain actionable insights and take the guesswork out of improving social performance

Want to maximize the return on your social media effort? Use Share Rocket’s tools to see which platforms are best for different types of content when it comes to driving engagement. The more engaging your content is, the better your SHARE and SEI scores will be – and the more time you can commit to life beyond your social media presence.


We can’t wait to get the Share Rocket Mobile App into your hands! If you’re a current Share Rocket customer and you’d like to download the Share Rocket app, ask the digital or social leader at your station about how to get on board. If you’re not a Share Rocket customer and you’d like to know more about the mobile app or our online platform, email and we’ll get right back to you.

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