We often get asked about what makes Share Rocket different from the other analytics platforms in the market that measure social performance. We always reply with the same answer. Share Rocket actually influences and changes behavior. That behavior change typically equates to improved social results across the board. There are a lot of reasons why the Share Rocket platform effects that change, but we won’t go into that in this post. We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

We looked back at 2015 and analyzed the television markets we track and our customer’s performance against their non-Share Rocket counterparts. The results, even to us, are astounding.

Share Rocket stations beat their competitors handily in every social KPI.





By the end of 2015 Share Rocket clients more than doubled (131%) the social SHARE in their markets than the average station not using Share Rocket.
The Average SHARE for Share Rocket client across all markets is 31.35, while the average SHARE for non-clients is 13.55. Our clients also saw their SHARE increase significantly in 2015 (+27.4%) while SHARE for those stations not using Share Rocket retracted by -13% over the same period.



Share Rocket clients have better Social Equity Index (SEI) performance scores. The average SEI score for Share Rocket clients is 75.58, while stations not using Share Rocket average 34.59. Share Rocket stations perform 118% better in the index than non-customers. SEI scores for Share Rocket clients improved over the year as well. The average Share Rocket customer saw their station SEI score improve more than 27%. Interestingly, the average SEI score for non-customers dropped -18%.



Share Rocket clients grew their Audiences 17% larger than stations not using the service.  This isn’t surprising as the Engagement numbers for Share Rocket clients were up over +80% (See below).  Put another way, Engagement=Growth.



Share Rocket stations were able to motivate their journalists and on-air talent to get much more engaged in social in 2015. This equated to a 99% increase in content published in social channels for client stations. Non-Client stations saw an increase of +16.7% over the same period.  The majority of this increase in publishing came from on-air talent posting more frequently and consistently.



Share Rocket stations improved Engagement over 81% in 2015, compared to an increase of just +12.5% for non-customers. Digging deeper into the data, we see that Share Rocket stations improved in two key areas. Engagement to Audience and Engagement Per Post. Share Rocket customers ended the year with market leading Engagement to Audience ratios of over +124%, while non-clients saw E/A ratios of +81.4%. Engagement per Post metrics also led the rest of the market. Share Rocket customers saw an average of 128 Engagements per post while non customer stations saw just 86.4 Engagements per Post.

It’s interesting to see a year’s worth of performance data through the lens of customers and non-customers. The data just supports what we see every day and know to be true. You can manage something much better when you can measure it better. Our clients use our dashboards, social overnights and newsroom views to motivate and inspire their teams to perform better.   The data proves they not only rose to the occasion, they knocked it out of the park in 2015.

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