At Share Rocket, we’ve been tracking and gauging performance on social media in much the same way broadcasters do on-air – with ratings-based metrics – since 2014. However, we’ve never before utilized that data for an annual list of the top performers on social media in the United States, until now. In December, we began a month of work to crunch the numbers on more than 24 million total posts and nearly 2 billion engagements in an entire year across the nation to establish our first-ever Social Standouts top 10 lists. Monday, we announced the top 10 anchors and reporters in our analysis. Wednesday, we announced our top 10 meteorologists. Today, we’re finishing up with the top 10 stations in the country. Congratulations to all of our top performers!

The performance of any station’s primary social media accounts is a group effort. It takes a creative and quick-thinking staff manning the accounts to continue to find, evaluate, and share news from myriad sources being published around the world at any given time; it takes a reporting staff that can tell moving and gripping stories, as well as see social opportunities even as major news breaks around them; and it takes the producers, writers, photographers, and editors (sometimes all in one person) to make that content shine and look like a piece that was put together over days — not hours.


#1:  WNYW – New York, NY

#2:  WTVT – Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota, FL

Download the full article to see the top 10 nationally ranked stations by Share Rocket and learn what impacted their scores:


For an explanation of the methodology used to create our 2016 Social Standout top 10 lists, click here.

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