Every Wednesday, Share Rocket takes a look at one of the top 20 DMAs in the country and analyzes the last 30 days of data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in that market. If you’d like to know more about Share Rocket’s social media ratings and data, you can contact us at this link to ask questions or arrange a demo of our software. Here are the most recent Dallas social media ratings.

Overall: There was a major change in the Dallas rankings this month as WFAA (TEGNA-owned ABC affiliate) charged ahead of KDFW (Fox O&O) for first place on social media, thanks largely to the addition of traffic anchor Demetria Obilor. She had just joined the station on air on Oct. 23, when she found herself in the middle of a viral story two weeks later for her response to a Facebook user that body shamed her in a post. Her response took off, receiving coverage from around the country and earning her a 17.66 Share score on her own over the last 30 days.

That strong individual score helped improve WFAA’s overall Share to a 39.9 as a station, which was a +38.3% increase from the previous 30 days. KDFW was second with a 35.3 overall Share, followed by KXAS (Comcast/NBC O&O) with a 13.1 overall Share. The other three stations Share Rocket tracks in the market had Share scores in the single-digits. KDFW was the top station in the market on Facebook while WFAA was the top station on Twitter and Instagram. The main KDFW station Page was the single top account on Facebook, while Obilor had the top account in the market on Twitter and Instagram in the last month.

Overall, engagement was significantly in the market from month to month, despite three stations seeing less engagement than in the month prior. Again, much of that is likely due to the Obilor effect, as WFAA’s total engagement as a station was up +62.4% compared to the previous 30 days.

The top three local TV stations on social media in Dallas-Fort Worth from 10/29/17-11/29/17.

On Facebook, KDFW led the pack with a 42.7 Share as a group and generated a little more than 1.93 million engagements in the 30-day period. Most of that came from the main station Page, which generated about 86% of the station’s engagement on the platform and was unrivaled in the last month with a 35.9 Share on its own. No other Page in the market had a Share above 20.0. KDFW’s primary Facebook Page also has the largest audience of any social account in the market with about 1.28 million followers and averaged a whopping 2,253 engagements per post. Obilor led the way among individuals on Facebook, as she did Twitter and Instagram during the last 30 days. On Facebook, her posts averaged more than 5,475 engagements per post, which is an incredible number, until you see that figure for her on Instagram. Among individuals who didn’t have massively viral posts, KDFW anchor Lauren Przybyl was second among individuals and Jenny Anchondo, an anchor/reporter at the station, was third. Those two combined to generated just shy of 130,000 engagements on Facebook.

On Twitter, WFAA remained first as a group, as they did in the 30 days prior. However, they saw a +111% increase in engagement from month to month, which helped contribute to a +16.6% increase in Share to a 55.5. In a somewhat rare turn of events, only one of the top five Twitter accounts in the market was a main station account. Obilor accounted for 38.06 of WFAA’s Twitter Share (about 69%) on her own. She generated more than 317,000 engagements on the platform and led among individuals. Behind her was KDFW reporter Allison Harris, who had an 8.98 Share and generated more than 75,000 engagements on Twitter. KDFW’s main brand account was third and increased engagement +7.6% compared to 30 days prior. KXAS anchor Meredith Land shot up the Twitter rankings in the last 30 days and came in fourth overall with a 4.73 Share, which was a +730% increase from the month prior. Finally, KDFW reporter Alex Boyer was fifth with a 4.23 Share and generated more than 35,000 engagements on Twitter in the last month.

On Instagram, WFAA jumped from second to first as a group and Obilor made her biggest impact. As a station, WFAA had a 77.8 Share on the platform. Obilor was responsible for about 88% of that with a 68.7 Share. She generated more than 780,000 engagements and averaged nearly 49,000 engagements per post in the last month. Her post on Nov. 29 had more than 90,000 engagements as of this writing and showed no signs of slowing down. The No. 2 Instagram account in the market was KDFW’s station account with more than 54,000 engagements in the month, which was a +137% improvement from the month prior.

The top five individuals in local TV news in Dallas-Fort Worth on social media from 10/29/17-11/29/17.

Demetria Obilor led the way among individuals overall after generating just shy of 1.18 million engagements in the 30-day period, averaging 1,623 engagements per post across all platforms. She also grew her total social audience by +374% in the last 30 days, moving past 455,000 followers. KDFW’s Jenny Anchondo was second among individuals after she finished third on Facebook, 10th on Twitter, and fourth on Instagram. She generated more than 92,000 engagements across all platforms. Lauren Przybyl was third overall after she finished second among individuals on both Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, she generated nearly 66,000 engagements and averaged 366 per post. KDFW’s Allison Harris was fourth after moving up 12 spots among individuals in the last 30 days. She grew her social following by +7.8% in that time. Rounding out the top five was Reyna Cavazos, a weather and traffic anchor for KUVN (Univision O&O). She finished among the top five individuals on Facebook and Instagram and generated close to 67,000 engagements in the month across all platforms.

Of the top 10 individuals in the market, five work for KDFW, three work for WFAA, one works for KXAS, and one works for KUVN.

Complete station rankings:

The full rankings of news stations in Dallas-Fort Worth that Share Rocket tracks on social media from 10/29/17-11/29/17.

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