Every Wednesday, Share Rocket takes a look at one of the top 20 DMAs in the country and analyzes the last 30 days of data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in that market. If you’d like to know more about Share Rocket’s social media ratings and data, you can contact us at this link to ask questions or arrange a demo of our software. Here are the most recent Los Angeles social media ratings.

Overall: Six of the seven stations Share Rocket tracks in Los Angeles had downturns in total engagement in the last 30 days compared to the 30 days prior, which caused some significant changes in stations’ Share scores in the market. However, the only movement in the rankings was at the bottom, where KVEA (Comcast/NBC-owned Telemundo station) moved from seventh among groups to sixth ahead of the Univision O&O station in the market, KMEX. As we noted last week, the downturn in engagement is likely due to the severe weather events across the U.S. in September.

KABC (ABC O&O) led the market with a 39.4 overall Share, followed by KTTV (Fox O&O) with a 21.4 overall Share and KTLA (Tribune-owned CW affiliate) with an 18.5 overall Share. Fourth-place KNBC (Comcast/NBC O&O) was the only station to increase its engagement in the last 30 days compared to the 30 days prior, which helped the station increase its overall Share by +39.2% to a 9.7 in the month.

KABC was the No. 1 station on all three platforms Share Rocket tracks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and the main KABC station account was the top account in the market on all three platforms.

The top three local TV stations on social media in Los Angeles from 10/8/17-11/8/17.

On Facebook, KABC had a 40.2 Share as a group and generated more than 4.75 million total engagements in the 30-day period. KTTV was second with a 21.4 Share as a group and KTLA was third with an 18.8 Share as a group. KABC’s main station Page was responsible for 36.76 of the group’s Share on the platform, and it generated more than 4,860 engagements per post in the month. It also has the largest audience of any Page in the market with more than 2.35 million followers. KABC got a boost on the platform from anchor/reporter John Gregory, who was second on the platform among individuals after increasing his engagement by +128% in the last 30 days compared to the 30 days prior. KTTV’s main Page was the No. 2 Page in Los Angeles and generated more than 2.22 million engagements in the month. KTTV anchor Araksya Karapetyan was the top individual in the market on Facebook and generated more than 72,000 engagements on the platform. The top sub-brand on Facebook was KTLA 5 Morning News, which added about 560,000 engagements in the month, or just more than a quarter of the station’s total on Facebook.

Twitter was KABC’s most dominant platform, with a 49.4 Share as a group. During the last month, KTLA moved from third as a group to second on the platform with a 17.1 Share as a group. KTTV was third with an 11.5 Share as a group. KNBC moved from sixth as a group to fourth during the month with a 10.2 Share as a group after generating +46.5% more engagement on Twitter than they did in the 30 days prior. KABC’s main station account generated a little more than half of the engagement the group had on the platform in the last 30 days, but nearly 30% of the station’s engagement on Twitter came from reporter Veronica Miracle. Miracle had the No. 2 account in the market on the platform, generated more than 175,000 engagements, and accounted for a 14.57 Share by herself. KNBC’s move up the Twitter rankings was largely powered by two individuals, sports anchor Fred Roggin and reporter Conan Nolan. Combined, the two generated nearly 40,000 engagements on Twitter and were responsible for about 37% of their station’s Twitter engagement during the month.

On Instagram, things were a bit closer. KABC had a 31.2 Share as a group, followed by KTTV with a 25.8 Share, KTLA with a 16.9 Share, and KNBC with a 15.0 Share. The station rankings did not change in the last 30 days versus the 30 days prior, but Instagram did not see the same downturn in engagement that Facebook and Twitter did in the L.A. market. In fact, six of the seven stations Share Rocket tracks saw increases in engagement from month to month. The main KABC account has the largest following in Los Angeles with more than 194,000 followers and it generated the most engagements of any account with more than 642,000 in the 30-day period. The only other account in the market to generate more than 200,000 was KTTV’s Araksya Karapetyan, who was the top individual in L.A. on the platform and had the No. 2 account in the market overall. KTLA’s main station account led the market with more than 2,400 engagements per post during the 30-day period.

The top five individuals in local TV news in Los Angeles on social media from 10/8/17-11/8/17.

Karapetyan led the market among individuals thanks to her Facebook and Instagram performance, where she was No. 1 among individuals. On Instagram, she averaged more than 2,365 engagements per post and in total had nearly 239,000 engagements in the month. Her engagement-to-audience ratio on the platform was 5.3-to-1, which is also an extremely high mark. KNBC traffic anchor and reporter Alysha Del Valle was second among individuals in the market and also made most of her impact on Instagram. Del Valle generated more than 192,000 engagements on Insta in the last 30 days (a +108% improvement on the 30 days prior) and she grew her audience on the platform by +8.9% in the month. KABC’s Miracle was third thanks mostly to her best-in-market individual performance on Twitter. She had a very active month, covering everything from the Los Vegas massacre to wildfires in California to the Dodgers’ World Series run and increased her overall Share in the market by +185% in the last 30 days. Stephanie Himonidis of Telemundo affiliate KVEA was fourth in the market among individuals after finishing third among individuals on both Facebook and Instagram. Her Instagram account averaged more than 1,000 engagements per post in the month. Finally, León Krauze of Univision affiliate KMEX rounded out the top five individuals in the market. He was strongest on Twitter, where he was second among individuals with a 4.56 Share and generated more than 43,000 engagements. Krauze also has far and away the biggest Twitter audience in the market of not just any individual, but any account of any kind, with more than 1.2 million followers.

Of the top 10 individuals in the market, four work for KTTV; two work for KABC; and one apiece works for KTLA, KNBC, KVEA, and KMEX.

Complete station rankings:

The full rankings of news stations in Los Angeles that Share Rocket tracks on social media from 10/8/17-11/8/17.

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