Every Wednesday, Share Rocket takes a look at one of the top 20 DMAs in the country and analyzes the last 30 days of data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in that market. If you’d like to know more about Share Rocket’s social media ratings and data, you can contact us at this link to ask questions or arrange a demo of our software. Here are the most recent Minneapolis-St. Paul social media ratings.

Overall: KARE (TEGNA-owned NBC affiliate) moved from second to first among stations on social media in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market over the last 30 days thanks largely to an Olympics-fueled increase in engagement on the station’s Facebook Page. KMSP (Fox O&O) dropped to second in the market, while the third and fourth place stations remained the same over the time period. KARE’s led the market by more than 20 Share points over the last month.

KARE had a 49.0 overall Share, followed by KMSP with a 27.4 Share and WCCO (CBS O&O) with a 16.5 Share. KARE was the top station in the market on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and the primary KARE account was the No. 1 account on each of those platforms.

Overall in the market, engagement was up significantly over the last 30 days compared to the 30 days prior. Most of the gains came from KARE, which observed a +85.2% increase in engagement from month to month. Three of the stations Share Rocket tracks saw month-to-month increases in engagements while one saw a slight decrease.

The top three local TV stations on social media in Minneapolis from 1/21/18-2/21/18.

On Facebook, KARE had a 49.9 Share as a group, KMSP had a 29.1 Share, and WCCO had a 14.7 Share. KARE’s main Page was responsible for 47.7 of the station’s 49.9 Share on its own. The station’s main Page generated +93% more engagement in the last month than it did in the month prior, a total of nearly 1.33 million in the 30-day period. That led to a +45.8% increase in the Page’s Share during that time. KARE’s main Page nearly doubled the engagement generated by any other Page in the market in the last month. Videos the from the Winter Games posted by the station’s Page have frequently racked up hundreds of thousands of views. KARE also had three of the top four individuals on Facebook in the market, led by anchor Julie Nelson. Nelson generated more than 15,000 engagements on her Page in the last 30 days, which was a +80.6% increase from the 30 days prior. KMSP’s main Page saw a +7.1% increase in engagement from month to month and the Fox station had the No. 1 individual on Facebook in Minneapolis in meteorologist Ian Leonard. Leonard generated more than 19,000 engagements and averaged more than 330 engagements per post.

On Twitter, KARE moved from second as a group to first in the last month with a 38.8 Share. WCCO moved from third to second on Twitter during the same period with a 28.2 Share as a group. Those stations were followed by KMSP with a 22.9 Share as a group and KSTP (Hubbard-owned ABC station) with a 10.2 Share on the platform. KARE’s primary station Twitter account saw a +78.4% increase in engagement over the last month and that account had a 17.25 Share on its own. It was the only account in the market with a double-digit Share score. As a group, KARE generated about 142,000 engagements on Twitter with about 45% of those coming from the primary station account. WCCO was led on Twitter by anchor Jason DeRusha who generated about 20,000 engagements on his account, finishing just ahead of the main WCCO account’s 17,500. DeRusha’s Share on the platform increased +71.4% from month to month. WCCO had four accounts (three individuals and the station account) that generated more than 10,000 engagements in the 30-day period.

On Instagram, KARE had its best performance with a 55.2 Share as a group, followed by KMSP with a 20.1 Share, and WCCO with a 15.8 Share. Again, the main KARE account fueled the station’s best-in-market performance. KARE’s Instagram account generated more than 110,000 engagements in the last 30 days, a +202% increase from the 30 days prior. The main KARE account had a 37.01 Share on its own, while no other account in the market had a Share higher than 7.5. The account also grew its audience by +4.3% in the last month. The top individual in Minneapolis on Instagram was WCCO’s DeRusha with a 3.75 Share. He generated more than 10,000 engagements on the platform, making him the only person in the market to accomplish that feat. KARE sports anchor Dave Schwartz and KSTP’s “Twin Cities Live” host Steve Patterson were not far behind – both generated more than 9,500 engagements in the last month.

The top five individuals in local TV news in Minneapolis on social media from 1/21/18-2/21/18.

WCCO’s Jason DeRusha was the top individual in Minneapolis on social media over the last 30 days, thanks to his best-among-individuals finish on both Twitter and Instagram. In all, he generated nearly 32,000 engagements on social media in the last month, which was a +34.9% increase from the month prior. KARE’s Dave Schwartz finished second among individuals on Instagram and third on Twitter and may have also been a beneficiary of his station’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. Compared to the month prior, Schwartz’s total engagement was up +60.9% and his Share was up +20.8% in the last 30 days. KARE anchor/reporter Jana Shortal was third in the market overall despite not having a Facebook Page. She was second among individuals on Twitter with a 4.22 Share and was fourth among individuals on Instagram, where she averaged more than 850 engagements per post. KMSP’s Ian Leonard was buoyed by his Facebook performance, which was No. 1 in the market among individuals. About 84% of the engagement he generated in the last month was on Facebook. Finally, KMSP anchor Dawn Mitchell rounded out the top five. She is one of only two individuals in the market with more than 100,000 combined followers on social media, and her strongest platform was Instagram, where she generated more than 6,200 engagements.

Of the top 10 individuals in the market, four work for KARE, three work for KMSP, two work for WCCO, and one works for KSTP.

Complete station rankings:

The full rankings of news stations in Minneapolis that Share Rocket tracks on social media from 1/21/18-2/21/18.

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