Every Wednesday, Share Rocket takes a look at one of the top 20 DMAs in the country and analyzes the last 30 days of data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in that market. If you’d like to know more about Share Rocket’s social media ratings and data, you can contact us at this link to ask questions or arrange a demo of our software. Here are the most recent New York City social media ratings.

Overall: Despite a large downturn in Engagement in the last month compared to the month prior, the stations in the New York City market remained in the same order in the overall rankings. WNYW led the market with a 38.1 overall Share, followed by WABC with a 30.7 Share and WPIX with a 13.4 Share. No other station in the highly-competitive market had a Share in the double-digits.

WNYW was the top station on Facebook and the main station Page was the top Page on that platform. WABC was the top station on both Twitter and Instagram, and its main station account on those platforms was also the No. 1 account on both.

Overall, Engagement was down significantly in the market in the month of October with every station seeing a decrease compared to the month before. Six of the seven stations Share Rocket tracks in the market saw declines of -20% or more in Engagement compared to September. That was likely due to the extreme weather events across the U.S. in September.

The top three local TV stations on social media in New York City from 10/1/17-11/1/17.

On Facebook, WNYW had a dominant 40.2 Share as a group with more than 2.75 million total Engagements in the month. WABC was second with a 28.5 Share and WPIX was third with a 14.3 Share. More than 95% of WNYW’s engagement on Facebook came from the main station Facebook Page, where the station averaged more than 2,220 Engagements per post. The top individual on the platform was WABC’s Michelle Charlesworth with a 0.75 Share. She generated nearly 49,000 Engagements through her Page. WPIX got a helping hand on Facebook from its WPIX Archives sub-brand, which was the top sub-brand in the market and generated about 1,270 Engagements per post in the month. WNYW’s Rosanna Scotto was one of few individuals that had more Engagement in October than she did in September – her Share on the platform increased +46.4% compared to the previous month.

WABC led the way on Twitter with a 38.8 Share as a group. WNBC was second with a 22.7 Share, WPIX third with a 13.1 Share, and WNYW fourth with a 12.8 Share. WABC got a hefty helping hand from individuals on Twitter – the main station account was responsible for about 58% of the station’s Share on the platform with the rest coming from sub-brands and individuals. Three of the top five individuals in the market on Twitter were WABC employees, led by No. 1 Lee Goldberg, who had a 2.9 Share by himself. WNBC’s Bruce Beck flew up the individual rankings on Twitter in October. He generated 6,000+ engagements on the platform which was a +110% increase from September and helped increase his Share on Twitter by +109%.

On Instagram, WABC topped the rankings with a 39.4 Share, followed by WNYW with a 33.9 Share. No other station had a Share in the double-digits on the platform. WABC’s main station Insta account had the largest Audience of any account in the market with about 129,000 followers and it generated nearly 325,000 engagements in the month of October on its own. WNYW’s main station account was not far behind that with about 290,000 engagements in the month. No other account had more than 100,000 engagements in October. The top individual in the NYC market was WABC’s Amy Freeze, who had nearly 92,000 engagements on the platform (a +13.8% improvement from September). Freeze averaged more than 1,190 engagements per post on Instagram and had a 6.22 Share on the platform.

The top five individuals in local TV news in New York City on social media from 10/1/17-11/1/17.

Freeze led the way among individuals in the market with a 1.38 overall Share. She was No. 1 among individuals on Instagram, No. 3 on Twitter, and No. 8 on Facebook. In total, she generated more than 116,000 engagements on social media in the month (a +5.7% improvement from September), which helped her increase her overall Share by +37.2% in the 30-day period. WNYW’s Scotto was second in the market with a 1.30 overall Share. She was No. 3 among individuals on Facebook and No. 2 on Instagram and was one of two individuals in the market to generate more than 100,000 engagements on social media in the month. WABC’s Charlesworth was third among individuals in NYC in October, mostly thanks to her Facebook Page. She averaged about 450 engagements per post on that platform in the month. WABC’s Laura Behnke was fourth after generating more than 61,000 engagements on social in the month. The large majority of her posts were on Instagram, where she averaged more than 1,000 engagements per post. Rounding out the top five was WABC’s Lee Goldberg, who finished first among individuals on Twitter and fifth on Facebook.

Of the top 10 individuals in the market, seven work for WABC, two work for WNYW, and one works for WXTV, the Univision affiliate in the market.

Complete station rankings:

The full rankings of news stations in New York City that Share Rocket tracks on social media from 10/1/17-11/1/17.

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