Every Wednesday, Share Rocket takes a look at one of the top 20 DMAs in the country and analyzes the last 30 days of data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in that market. If you’d like to know more about Share Rocket’s social media ratings and data, you can contact us at this link to ask questions or arrange a demo of our software. Here are the most recent Philadelphia social media ratings.

Overall: WPVI (ABC O&O) cruised to a first-place finish among station in Philadelphia over the last 30 days, with a +5.9% increase in total engagement from month to month leading to a small increase in overall Share. All six stations Share Rocket tracks in the market remained in place in the rankings from month to month, but KYW (CBS O&O) and WCAU (Comcast/NBC O&O) made big strides forward, with both posting month to month improvements of at least +52% in engagement and +39% in Share.

WPVI had a 43.8 overall Share over the last 30 days, followed by WTXF (Fox O&O) with a 30.7 overall Share, KYW with a 12.8 overall Share, and WCAU with an 11.8 overall Share. WPVI was the top station in the market on Facebook and Twitter, while WTXF was the top station on Instagram. WPVI’s main station Page was the top Page in the market on Facebook, while WCAU sports reporter John Clark had the top account in Philadelphia on Twitter, and WTXF’s “Good Day Philadelphia” co-host Alex Holley had the top account on Instagram.

Overall, engagement was fairly steady from month to month in the market, with three stations increasing in engagement and three decreasing.

The top three local TV stations on social media in Philadelphia from 10/22/17-11/22/17.

On Facebook, WPVI had a 47.0 Share as a group and generated close to 2.19 million engagements in the 30-day period. The main station Facebook Page was responsible for about two-thirds of the station’s total engagement on the platform, and much of the remaining third came from WPVI talents Adam Joseph, Cecily Tynan, and Jamie Apody, who were the top three individuals in the market on Facebook. Joseph was the leader among individuals with a 3.79 Share on the platform and nearly 179,000 engagements. He only posted 46 times on the platform in the month, so he had 3,890 engagements per post. WTXF was second among groups with a 27.3 Share on Facebook, with about 82% of that coming from the main station Page. KYW was third with a 14.5 Share as a group, which was a +53.5% improvement from the 30 days prior. It was a great month for KYW’s main station Page, which saw month to month gains of +62.9% in engagement, +60.8% in Share, +7.0% in SEI, and +6.3% in audience.

On Twitter, things were a bit closer. WPVI had a 35.7 Share as a group, followed by WCAU with a 30.8 Share, and WTXF with a 23.7 Share. WCAU had a huge month on Twitter, led by sports reporter John Clark with a 24.35 Share on his own. Clark generated more than 177,000 engagements in the month on the platform, which would be a great number for a station account, not to mention an individual. His engagement was up +119% from month to month, his Share was up +38.7%, and his audience on Twitter increased by +10.6%. WPVI’s primary station account was second in the market behind Clark with an 11.9 Share, meaning about two-thirds of the station’s Share on Twitter came from individuals (WPVI does not have any sub-brands). The most impactful of those was sports reporter Jeff Skversky, who had a 9.87 Share and generated more than 71,000 engagements in the month.

On Instagram, WTXF dominated to the tune of a 56.6 Share on the platform as a group, followed by WPVI with a 30.4 Share. No other station had a Share higher than 7.0 on the platform as a group. The only account in the top 12 in the market not affiliated with either WTXF or WPVI was KYW’s Meisha Johnson, who had a 3.71 Share on her own and generated more than 30,000 engagements. The top individual performer was Alex Holley with a 24.09 Share and just shy of 200,000 engagements on Instagram in the month. She averaged about 2,770 engagements per post on Insta. WPVI’s main account was the top station account in the market and No. 2 overall with a 17.29 Share. It generated more than 140,000 engagements in the 30-day period. WPVI also got a boost from Adam Joseph, who posted nearly twice as often in the last 30 days as he did in the 30 days prior. It paid off – his engagement on Instagram was up +126% month to month, his Share was up +59.6%, and his audience was up +8.2%.

The top five individuals in local TV news in Philadelphia on social media from 10/22/17-11/22/17.

While Holley was practically untouchable on Instagram in the last month, she is also no slouch on the other platforms. She was fourth among individuals in the on Facebook and fifth among individuals on Twitter. In all, she generated more than 261,000 engagements on social media in 30 days. WPVI’s Joseph was second with more than 237,000 engagements and he averaged about 700 engagements per post across all platforms. While WCAU’s John Clark clearly had a huge month on Twitter, he had a great month on Facebook, too. He increased his engagement there +211% from month to month, which led to a +101% increase in his Share score and moved him 11 spots up the individual rankings on the platform. WPVI meteorologist Cecily Tynan was in the top 10 among individuals on Twitter and saw a big month to month jump in her Instagram performance, but Facebook remained her bread and butter. Her 115 Facebook posts in the last 30 days averaged about 1,185 engagements apiece. Finally, WPVI sports reporter Jamie Apody rounded out the top five individuals after finishing third among them on Facebook, fourth on Twitter, and just missing out on the top 10 on Instagram (he was 12th there). On Facebook, he generated just shy of 100,000 engagements in the month.

Of the top 10 individuals in the market, five work for WPVI, three work for WTXF, one works for KYW, and one works for WCAU.

Complete station rankings:

The full rankings of news stations in Philadelphia that Share Rocket tracks on social media from 10/22/17-11/22/17.

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