I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
– Katy Perry

KHOU, we hear you.

After months of nipping at the heels of ABC’s KRTK, Gannett’s KHOU, topped last week’s Share Rocket Social TV Ratings™, earning a 32.44 Social Share™ from Jan. 25-Feb. 1.  It’s only the second ratings victory for KHOU who has consistently finished second behind KRTK, who is still Houston’s overall best performing station in social with a 85 longterm Social Equity Index.

Let’s be clear, it’s not that KHOU has been silent. Quiet the contrary. The CBS affiliate has been a strong social performer for years, building one of the largest audiences in the country, with more than a million combined Facebook and Twitter fans and followers. But they’ve taken a back seat to KTRK, who has a larger audience (almost 1.2 million) and has held the No.1 position in Houston since we launched Share Rocket last year.

Until Sunday. That’s when KHOU’s social coverage of the Katy Perry halftime show pushed them over the top. Two posts, right generated more than 45,000 total engagements, finishing as the top two posts in Houston on Sunday, and helped earn just enough share to put KHOU over the top for the week.

KTRK (28.27 Social Share) finished second last week, Graham’s NBC affilaite KPRC (15.81 Social Share) was third, and Fox’s KRIV (15.07 Social Share) was fourth. Tribune’s CW affiliate KAIH (1.96 Social Share) finished a distant fifth.

KTRK has built the strongest long-term social equity in the market, accumulating an 85 SEI™,  KHOU is second-best with a 76 SEI, which they’ve improved by more than 16 percent in January.

The improvement was largely driven by an aggressive posting strategy that helped the station generate the most total engagement in the market (more than 508,000). KHOU’s staff paced the market with more than 3,400 posts last week, while maintaining the market’s second-best engagement per post ratio (147.85).  KTRK held the market’s best engagement per post average at 203.25.

KTRK is still king of Houston, but it’s being chased by a roaring lion.

KHOU’s  Chita Johnson was Houston’s top performing individual, earning a 1.35 Social Share™ and is the best in the market with an 95 SEI™.  KHOU colleague Lily Jang (.97 Social Share™, 83 SEI™) was second. KPRC’s Jennifer Reyna (.80 Social Share™, 90 SEI™) finished third.  KRIV’s Mike Iscovitz (.61 Social Share™, 72 SEI™) and Damali Keith (.53 Social Share™, 58 SEI™) were fourth and fifth, respectively.

Here’s a look at Johnson’s Share Rocket report card:


Social TV Ratings for the week of Jan. 25 – Feb. 1, 2015

111 CBS32.44761,018,3923,439508,46539.60%
213 ABC28.27851,192,5312,288465,03215.67%
32 NBC15.8146893,9962,346196,47059.44%
426 FOX15.07471,100,9823,312122,32932.25%
5Houston's 391.9618104,7775959,287-24.42%
645 Univision2.617226,33266414,895-19.63%
747 Telemundo3.8511502,88475626,04914.62%

Top individuals

1Chita Johnson11 CBS1.3595121,08716716,40735.27%
2Lily Jang11 CBS0.978369,0782983,64489.79%
3Jennifer Reyna2 NBC0.8090101,6922301,959-72.47%
4Mike Iscovitz26 FOX0.617230,9511922,70825.89%
5Damali Keith26 FOX0.535817,6311881,70653.83%

Social Equity Index™ (SEI™): Measures social equity you have built over time and performance — relative peers. Social Share™: Measures a brand’s raw share of the total audience, voice and engagement in a defined market. Audience: Combined fans and followers (Facebook, Twitter) for all profiles. Voice: Outbound posting and commenting activity. Engagements: Total likes, shares, comments, mentions, replies, retweets and favorites for the brand.

Top content, best practices

There are few things bigger in Texas than football. A 707 pound ferrel hog qualifies, even if it was shot and killed in North Carolina.

This week’s post didn’t generate the most traffic last week. But it’s a terrific example of compelling, short form writing — something we see very little of in these tired days of click-baiting.

The post, from KTRK, generated more than 7,600 likes, more than 1,300 comments and more than 5,800 shares, earned a top-five content ranking on Jan, 27. And it didn’t need a “click here to see what happened next” trick. It relies on a great image, a compelling quote and a killer ending – “He made that one shot count.”

Bravo, folks!

This post hits almost all of our checklist:

Tells an urgent, compelling, inspirational or funny story?
Appeal to emotion?
Use a photo/video?
Ask for engagement?

Each week Share Rocket highlights the top performing stations and individuals across the nation’s top TV markets, sharing insights and best practices that are helping the nation’s best social journalists connect with their audience.

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