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Social Media for broadcasters is a team sport.

In Raleigh, N.C. ABC’s WTVD is the “A-Team.”

Last week the “A” team took to social to to honor longtime anchor Larry Stogner, who was recently diagnosed with ALS and retired after 42 years on the air Friday.  Their tributes, like the one above, drove more than 20,000 engagments during the latest ratings period and helped WTVD land the top spot last week in the Share Rocket Social TV Ratings™ in Raleigh-Durham, earning a staggering 58.08 Social Share™ from Feb. 2 – Feb. 8.

Capitol Broadcasting’s flagship CBS affilaite WRAL was second with a 34.59 Social Share, Media General’s NBC affiliate WNCN was third with a 6.22 Social Share,Capitol’s Fox affilaite WRAZ finished fourth with a .97 Social Share, and Univision’s WUVC was fifth with a .15 Social Share.

It’s important to note that Capitol’s duopoly in the market (WRAL and WRAZ) complicates the picture a bit. WRAZ’s Share and SEI are calculated based only on the performance of Fox50’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.  Capitol’s news coverage is concentrated on the WRAL brand.

But WTVD has built the strongest long-term social equity in the market, accumulating an 95 SEI™.  WRAL (54 SEI) is second and WNCN (14 SEI) is third. WUVC (6.2) and WRAZ (2.1) aren’t much competition.

WTVD has built it’s lead thanks to the dominance of it’s talent.  ABC’s talent is completely dominant in the market … like crazy dominant. WTVD talent comprises X of the top 15-ranked individuals in the Raleigh-Durham market. That’s right. Only WRAL’s Bill Leslie (No. 8 with a 75 SEI™) and WNCN’s Derrick Waller (No. 14 with a 71 SEI™) crack the top 15. Every other spot is held by an ABC talent.

Did we mention that they were dominant? Last week’s individual Social Share rankings tell more of the story.

Anchor Tisha Powell was Raleigh’s top top performing individual, earning a 4.27 Social Share™ and ranks No. 1 in the market with a 92 SEI™.  Colleagues Chris Hohmann (2.62 Social Share™, 84 SEI™),  Larry Stogner (2.16 Social Share™, 85 SEI™),  Anna Laurel (2.05 Social Share™, 83 SEI™) and  Mark Armstrong (1.94 Social Share™, 82 SEI™) rounded out the market’s top 5.

The only good news for the competition? Stogner’s retirement opens up a spot in the Top 15.

The bad news? ABC’s Steve Daniels (67 SEI™) was sixteenth last week.

Here’s a look at Powell’s Share Rocket report card:

social tv ratings

Social TV Ratings for the week of Feb. 2 – Feb. 8, 2015

111 ABC58.0895478,4221,151260,45372.62%
25 CBS34.5954646,6991,042111,7260.69%
317 NBC6.221467,3174623,310-27.52%
450 FOX0.972.143,371291,8633.21%
540 Univision0.156.22,363918693.75%

Top individuals

1Tisha Powell11 ABC4.279224,9821924,2463.03
2Chris Hohmann11 ABC2.628414,9952813,7871.93
3Larry Stogner11 ABC2.168511,309512,659-10.14%
4Anna Laurel11 ABC2.05836,7763110,36417.06
5Mark Armstrong11 ABC1.94827,1411471,566-28.40%

Social Equity Index™ (SEI™): Measures social equity you have built over time and performance — relative peers. Social Share™: Measures a brand’s raw share of the total audience, voice and engagement in a defined market. Audience: Combined fans and followers (Facebook, Twitter) for all profiles. Voice: Outbound posting and commenting activity. Engagements: Total likes, shares, comments, mentions, replies, retweets and favorites for the brand.

Top content, best practices

Along Tobacco Road, basketball is royalty. And Dean Smith was the King.  His death on Sunday was the biggest new story of the week — possibly the year.

WRAL’s breaking news post earned the top content spot on Sunday, generating more than 3,000 likes, 600 comments and more than 3,000 shares.

The post was well constructed, featuring an ALL CAPS “breaking news” lead-in and a well-chosen, iconic image of Smith. The only thing it lacks is a strong call to action.

This post hits almost of our checklist:

Tells an urgent, compelling, inspirational or funny story?
Appeal to emotion?
Use a photo?
Ask for engagement?

Each week Share Rocket highlights the top performing stations and individuals across the nation’s top TV markets, sharing insights and best practices that are helping the nation’s best social journalists connect with their audience.

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