Share Rocket’s 2016 Social Standouts: Anchors & Reporters

At Share Rocket, we’ve been tracking and gauging performance on social media in much the same way broadcasters do on-air – with ratings-based metrics – since 2014. However, we’ve never before utilized that data for an annual list of the top … Read More

Share Rocket’s 2016 Social Standouts: Methodology

Share Rocket is a social media ratings company with a software platform that was developed to give broadcasters a way to measure their real-time performance in social media. We track and gauge performance on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in much … Read More

Facebook users still flocking to local TV news pages

Recently, we took a look at a recent Pew study focused on social media trends that confirmed Facebook as the fastest-growing of the three major social networks tracked by Share Rocket.  Pew’s data on the broader marketplace aligns with Share … Read More