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Overall: WPVI (ABC O&O) was the top dog in the social media ratings in Philadelphia over the last 30 days with a 43.4 overall Share as their competition stepped up their game. The next three stations behind WPVI (in order, WTXF, WCAU, and KYW) all increased their total Engagement by +25% or more compared to 30 days prior. That made for the race for first place a little tighter, with WPVI claiming the top spot and WTXF (Fox O&O) trailing by 3.9 Share points with a 39.5 overall Share. However, there was a big drop off between WTXF and third place WCAU (NBCU O&O), which had an 8.8 Share.

As a group, WPVI was first on both Facebook and Twitter over the last 30 days while WTXF was first as a group on Instagram. WTXF’s main station Page was the No. 1 Facebook Page in the market, WPVI’s main account was the No. 1 Twitter account in the market, and WTXF’s Alex Holley had the No. 1 account in the market on Instagram – even beating out all the main station accounts.

The top three local TV stations on social media in Philadelphia from 6/19/17-7/19/17.

Some additional observations from our data:

The top four stations in the market all saw big surges in Engagement over the last 30 days on Facebook compared to the 30 days prior. WPVI saw a +15.2% increase in Engagement on the platform, WTXF’s was up +36.6%, WCAU’s was up +29.1%, and KYW’s (CBS O&O) was up +41.2%. In the last 30 days, WTXF’s main station Facebook Page moved ahead of WPVI’s to become the No. 1 Page in the market. However, WPVI had the top four individuals on Facebook in the market and those four’s combined Share on the platform was 6.01. That helped WPVI hold on to its No. 1 position as a group with a 44.9 Share on Facebook, ahead of WTXF’s 39.0 Share as a group. The No. 1 individual on the platform was WPVI’s Adam Joseph, whose 36 posts in the last 30 days averaged a massive 2,682 Engagements per post. The largest Page in the market in terms of Audience was WPVI’s main Page – it is the only social media account in the market with more than 1 million followers.

On Twitter, WPVI reclaimed the top spot with a 41.9 Share as a group after WTXF had finished as No. 1 as a group in the 30 days prior. WPVI increased their total Engagement by +24.3% in the last 30 days, which helped the station to a +16.7% improvement in Share on Twitter. WPVI also had a market-leading +2.8% increase in Audience on the platform over that time period. Third-place WCAU and fourth-place KYW both also had fantastic months on Twitter. WCAU increased its Engagement by +51.6% and its Share by +39% while KYW increased its Engagement by +42.3% and its Share by +33%. The top individual on Twitter was WCAU’s John Clark, who had a 5.14 Share and more than 18,500 Engagements. No other individual had a market Share on Twitter greater than 3.6.

On Instagram, as we mentioned, WTXF was No. 1 as a group with a 54.7 Share and Alex Holley was responsible for 21.69 of that Share on her own. Holley averaged 1,585 Engagements on her 79 Instagram posts in the last 30 days. For comparison, the top station account in the market averaged 877 Engagements per post over that time. WTXF also had the No. 2 and No. 3 individuals in the market on the platform in Quincy Harris (5.47 Share) and Mike Jerrick (5.46 Share). As a group, WTXF generated nearly 300,000 Engagements on Instagram over the month. WPVI was second on the platform with a 29.5 Share and more than 160,000 Engagements as a group.

The top five individuals in local TV news in Philadelphia on social media from 6/19/17-7/19/17. Tap/click to zoom.

Among individuals overall, Holley was No. 1 with a 3.08 overall Share, followed by four WPVI talents; Adam Joseph, Cecily Tynan, Jeff Chirico, and Jamie Apody. Chirico had more than 83,000 Engagements on his Facebook Page and his Audience on the platform grew by +72.3% in the 30 days while covering some tragic stories. His continuous updates on social media kept the public up to date on the murder of an 18-year-old girl who was allegedly shot in a road rage incident (link) as well as the four missing men who were later found shot dead on a property in Bucks County, Pa. (link).

Of the top 10 individuals overall in the market, six are with WPVI, three are with WTXF, and one is with KYW.

Complete station rankings:

The full rankings of news stations in Philadelphia that Share Rocket tracks on social media from 6/19/17-7/19/17. Tap/click to zoom.
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