Every Wednesday, Share Rocket takes a look at one of the top 20 DMAs in the country and analyzes the last 30 days of data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in that market. If you’d like to know more about Share Rocket’s social media ratings and data, you can contact us at this link to ask questions or arrange a demo of our software. Here are the most-recent Tampa social media ratings.

Overall: WTVT (Fox O&O) held firm to its No. 1 spot in Tampa over the last 30 days with a 43.4 overall Share, followed by WFTS (Scripps-owned ABC affiliate) with a 22.4 overall Share, WFLA (Nexstar-owned NBC affiliate) with a 19.7 overall Share, and WTSP (TEGNA-owned CBS affiliate) with a 10.7 overall Share.

WTVT was the No. 1 station in the market as a group on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. WTVT’s main station account was the No. 1 Page in the market on Facebook and No. 1 account in the market on Instagram, while the station’s Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto had the No. 1 Twitter account in Tampa over the last 30 days.

However, WFTS has made major strides in the last month. As a group, the station generated +35.9% more Engagement in the last 30 days than it did in the 30 days prior to that, which caused the station’s Share to improve by +17.7% during that time.

Overall, Engagement was up for the month in the market, with three stations (WTVT, WFTS, and WFLA) improving their total Engagement by +13% or more compared to the month prior.

The top three local TV stations on social media in Tampa from 8/6/17-9/6/17.

On Facebook, the scores for each station were very similar to their overall scores across all platforms. WTVT led the way with a 43.5 Share as a group, with 36.1 of that coming from the main station Facebook Page. In the last 30 days, WTVT has generated more than 4.1 million Engagements across all platforms. 97.9% of those came from Facebook. Dellegatto was the No. 1 individual on Facebook, racking up just shy of 482,000 Engagements on his Page in the last 30 days to give him a 4.99 Share on the platform. Dellegatto and WFTS Chief Meteorologist Denis Phillips were the only two individuals in the market to have a Share score greater than 1.0 on the platform (Phillips’ Share on Facebook was 2.47).

Looking at Twitter, WTVT led the way with a 42.4 Share, but the station got there in a very different way than it did on Facebook. While WTVT’s main Twitter account was the No. 4 account in the market overall with a 5.03 Share, Dellegatto had a massive 20.1 Share on the platform to help put his station on top of the rankings. On Twitter, Dellegatto generated nearly 32,000 Engagements in the last 30 days with an Audience of about 40,000 followers. For comparison, the next-best account in the market on Twitter, Bay News 9 (a cable news station serving the Tampa area owned by Charter Communications), had nearly 13,000 Engagements from an Audience of more than 325,000 followers. As a group, Bay News 9 moved from fourth in the market on Twitter to third in the last 30 days, posting a 14.5 Share as a group on the platform. Both their main station and weather accounts saw their Engagement improve by +68% or more compared to the month prior.

On Instagram, WTVT made big strides in the last 30 days, improving their Engagement on the platform as a group by +80.7%, which improved their Share as a station by +42.1% to a 47.4. WTSP, which had previously held the top spot, moved to second on the platform with a 29.5 Share as a group. WTVT’s main account on the platform was responsible for the majority of the station’s Share on the platform (26.3 of the 47.4), but the station also had the No. 1 individual in the market on the platform in reporter Charley Belcher (7.33 Share on the platform) as well as No. 2, traffic reporter Vanessa Ruffes (6.00 Share). WTSP had five of the top 10 individuals in the market on Instagram, and they combined to chip in 23.01 of the station’s Share on the platform.

The top five individuals in local TV news in Tampa on social media from 8/6/17-9/6/17. Tap/click to zoom.

Among individuals overall, Dellegatto led the way with a 5.00 Share across all platforms. His Facebook posts over the last month have averaged more than 1,377 Engagements per post. Denis Phillips had a 2.44 Share and was also strongest on Facebook, where he averaged about 856 Engagements per post. Phillips also grew his Audience on the platform by an incredible +41.1% over the last 30 days, making him the second person in the market to break the 100,000-follower mark on the platform. WTVT anchor/reporter Jennifer Epstein was the leader in the market among non-meteorologists, generating more than 46,000 Engagements across all platforms in the last 30 days. Ruffes was an all-around strong performer, finishing sixth among individuals on both Facebook and Twitter, and second among individuals on Instagram. Finally, WTSP Meteorologist Bobby Deskins made the cut for the top five in the market thanks to his Facebook Page, which has seen tremendous growth in the last 30 days. Deskins posted +40% more on the platform than he did in the 30 days prior, and saw his Engagement on the platform grow by +746%, his Audience grow by +30.9%, and his Share grow by +293% during that time.

Of the top 10 individuals in the market, four work for WTVT, four for WFTS, and one apiece work for WFLA and WTSP.

Complete station rankings:

The full rankings of news stations in Tampa that Share Rocket tracks on social media from 8/6/17-9/6/17. Tap/click to zoom.
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