One of the highest compliments a start-up can receive is an investment from its customers. It shows a trust and belief in where the start-up stands today and where it’s going from the people who know it best.

That’s why we here are Share Rocket are particularly thrilled to announce today that we have secured $5 million in funding to help us achieve our vision for a platform that can provide real time insights into growing audience engagement on social media. And it came from some of the broadcast partners who use our product and know us best, such as Tribune Media, Fox Television Stations, and Capitol Broadcasting.

Over the last few years, TV broadcast companies have come to see our social currency and proprietary social ratings metrics as the key to judging growth and success in an era of smartphones and social networks. Share Rocket’s ratings provide our customers a look into who is winning on social media and where performance can improve, and gives them the tools to manage journalists in a new media landscape that changes by the day. Our relationships with our broadcast partners are strong and continue to grow, as evidenced by this investment to kick start our growth in 2017 and beyond.

With more people turning to social media as a way to get their news, the traditional television audience is getting smaller. A highly-motivated and engaged audience now lives on social media platforms, especially Facebook. Reaching that audience effectively is a key challenge newsrooms across the country are facing today. Our broadcast partners have recognized this audience shift and called upon our platform to provide them with the guidance, data, and information needed quantify the audience’s interaction with their content and rank the entire marketplace on a granular level.

Our CEO Chris Kraft says Share Rocket is uniquely situated to help our broadcast partners build stable audiences that engage with and share quality content across social platforms.

“Engagement is the currency of social, and it is swiftly becoming the most influential ecosystem driving influence across the globe,” Kraft said recently. “Our proven social ratings solution has been validated by some of the largest local broadcasters in the U.S. This round of funding further demonstrates the market opportunity for our unique value proposition.”

At Share Rocket, we’re all committed to keep improving our platform and rating system to meet our customers’ social media management needs in the immediate and distant future. But for now, this investment is a great start to 2017, and we’re beyond excited for the growth opportunities that lie ahead.

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